Tuesday, August 26, 2008

all in good time...

Well... Sam's surgery went very well.  Both Andrew and Sam are back in school and if I play my cards right the baby will nap for an hour or two while they are gone... giving me much needed time to clean, put away laundry and other mundane house hold duties.  Slowly but surely I am getting back into my studio.  I am trying to organize and get ready to really get busy.  I have several lovely new papers calling my name... I hear the rustling at night (make me into a box or book or something!).  Right now I am also painting sets of wine glasses and martini glasses (10 sets in all) for a our local Down syndrome group's annual Buddy Walk (a national Down syndrome fundraiser that also promotes awareness).  The hand painted glasses will be mixed in with baskets and put into a silent auction... we have a chocolate martini basket, several wine tasters baskets and so on.  Both DH and I are on the board our local group (The Down syndrome Development Council), he is the president and I am the wizard behind the curtain... one of my main duties besides painting all these wine glasses is to bring treats to the meetings...LOL.  So with homework, soccer, cub scouts, the upcoming Buddy Walk, painting wine glasses and just daily life I fear that the studio must again be patient and wait a bit longer for my return.  I am busy jotting down ideas and getting ready.  In the mean time Family comes first... but once they are well into their routine I hope to be presenting a bunch of new things.  I keep reminding myself... patience young grasshopper, patience.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

OH MY... where has the summer gone

The summer is getting away from me.  I cannot believe that August is here and summer is starting to slip away.  The baby turns 1 this weekend, Sam's surgery is next week and then following week the boys go back to school... throw in a few events, some therapies, soccer practices, and religious education classes and it barely leaves time to soak up the last of the summer sun and spend time at the pool.  We are all getting excited about going to the
Wheatland Music Festival ... we try to go every year and the boys love it.  We will don our best tie-dyed tees and spend the weekend enjoying fun music, good food and a relaxed atmosphere.  Although I love spending time with my boys... I can't wait until they are back in school allowing me to spend a bit more time in my studio.  I acquired some new papers and some bobbles and I am itching to get some work done.  I hope to replenish and freshen up my Etsy shop soon with new items.  For now I am just enjoying the rest of the summer with my boys...