Tuesday, August 12, 2008

OH MY... where has the summer gone

The summer is getting away from me.  I cannot believe that August is here and summer is starting to slip away.  The baby turns 1 this weekend, Sam's surgery is next week and then following week the boys go back to school... throw in a few events, some therapies, soccer practices, and religious education classes and it barely leaves time to soak up the last of the summer sun and spend time at the pool.  We are all getting excited about going to the
Wheatland Music Festival ... we try to go every year and the boys love it.  We will don our best tie-dyed tees and spend the weekend enjoying fun music, good food and a relaxed atmosphere.  Although I love spending time with my boys... I can't wait until they are back in school allowing me to spend a bit more time in my studio.  I acquired some new papers and some bobbles and I am itching to get some work done.  I hope to replenish and freshen up my Etsy shop soon with new items.  For now I am just enjoying the rest of the summer with my boys...  

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Rosie's Whimsy said...

The music festival sounds like such great fun! Sounds like a good way to top off the summer.

The next few weeks sound like they will be stressful. My thoughts, prayers, and love will be with you, sweetie.

((hugs)) Rosie