Saturday, September 27, 2008

Apple Pickin'

So I took the boys apple pickin' and we all had a wonderful time.  The orchards were beautiful and I could have snapped pictures all day long.  The negative space between the leaves, the shapes cast by sun light as it fell between the branches, the vivid colors of the fallen apples in contrast to the rich green grass... what is it about the light that falls on an apple orchard? Perfect!  Well that was all missed by my young children.  The enjoyed picking, eating and throwing apples.  We shinned apples on our shirts until the gleamed... and then I saw the pumpkin patch.  We are so going back to the pumpkin patch.  For now I need to deal with all of these apples.

Monday, September 15, 2008


OK... summer is over and our big fundraising event will be over soon too.  It is time to get back into the studio and be creative.  I have been collecting papers and wonderful materials all summer and I have already stocked up on bookboard and PVA...with no time to work out all the ideas in my head.  I feel like I am all dressed up for the ball with no pumpkin to get me there.  First things first... and I know I have been saying this... but I need to organize my studio.  I have a new set up for paper storage and some new work spaces to install.  I need to get the blades on my board shear sharpened and I need to take stock of all my tools.... I know for a fact that I desperately need a new pair of scissors, new brushes and a larger garbage bin.  I would also love to paint my studio walls and floor.  Starting very soon I will have a respite worker coming by to help with Sam.  We will get 12 hours a month and I plan on using that time to get organized in my studio and my house so that I don't have to clean up and hunt for things before I even get started on a project.  Lofty goals (considering things as they are presently) but a girl has to have aspirations ... right!  

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Getting Ready for the Buddy Walk... and trying to sneak in a bit of creativity where I can

So besides all my mommy and domestic duties, I have been painting wine glasses and martini glasses like crazy to donate to the silent auction and raffles for our local Buddy Walk. So far I have 5 sets of 6 wine glasses and 2 sets of 6 martini glasses... with a few more to go. Can you say HOLY WINE GLASSES BATMAN? I am really not a painter but the simple dragonfly design is whimsical and fun... and dishwasher safe!!!  We have a ton a of great prizes this year... 

The Buddy Walk was established in 1995 to promote acceptance and inclusion of people with Down syndrome. As many of you know Patrick is the president of our local Down syndrome parent support group The DDC (Down syndrome Development Council) and I am also on the board. Our Buddy Walk is September 21st at Lambs Farm in Libertyville from 12:00-5:00. It is a fun family event with games, music, inflatables, silent auction, raffles, performances by persons with Down syndrome, food, petting zoo and so much more. It is free and open to the public so if you are in the area... please stop by and meet a few thousand (we expect 1000-2000 this year) other people who love someone with Down syndrome too. For more info you can check out the DDC's website at . In the mean time I am busy getting things done for our big event... so if you don't hear from me for a bit... you will know what we are doing. 

Buddy Walk Facts 

*The Buddy Walk was established by the National Down Syndrome Society in 1995 to celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness Month in October.

*The Buddy Walk has three primary goals:
1. To promote acceptance and inclusion of people with Down syndrome;
2. To raise funds locally and nationally for education, research and advocacy programs; and
3. To enhance the position of the Down syndrome community, enabling us to positively influence local and national policy and practice.

*The Buddy Walk has grown from 17 walks in 1995 to more than 260 in 2006 across the country and around the world.

*At least 250,000 people are expected to participate in more than 275 Buddy Walks this year.

*Since 1995, more than 1,750,000 people have participated in the Buddy Walk program.
Last year alone, the Buddy Walk raised more than $6.5 million to benefit local programs and services, as well as national education, research and advocacy initiatives.

*The Buddy Walk program is supported at the national level by the National Down Syndrome Society. Local Buddy Walks are organized by NDSS Affiliates, parent support groups, schools, and other interested organizations and individuals.
Most Buddy Walks take place from September through November to recognize Down Syndrome Awareness Month in October.

*John C. McGinley, who plays Dr. Perry Cox in the hit NBC show "Scrubs," is the 2007 National Buddy Walk Spokesman. Mr. McGinley is both an accomplished actor and the proud father of Max who has Down syndrome.

Anyone who wants to support acceptance and inclusion of people with Down syndrome can participate in the Buddy Walk. To find a local Buddy Walk in your community, visit the "Find a Walk" section of