Monday, September 15, 2008


OK... summer is over and our big fundraising event will be over soon too.  It is time to get back into the studio and be creative.  I have been collecting papers and wonderful materials all summer and I have already stocked up on bookboard and PVA...with no time to work out all the ideas in my head.  I feel like I am all dressed up for the ball with no pumpkin to get me there.  First things first... and I know I have been saying this... but I need to organize my studio.  I have a new set up for paper storage and some new work spaces to install.  I need to get the blades on my board shear sharpened and I need to take stock of all my tools.... I know for a fact that I desperately need a new pair of scissors, new brushes and a larger garbage bin.  I would also love to paint my studio walls and floor.  Starting very soon I will have a respite worker coming by to help with Sam.  We will get 12 hours a month and I plan on using that time to get organized in my studio and my house so that I don't have to clean up and hunt for things before I even get started on a project.  Lofty goals (considering things as they are presently) but a girl has to have aspirations ... right!  


Little Birdie Secrets said...

Found you through today's creative your blog and ideas!

Baby Vagabond said...

It has been a busy summer hasn't it? It will be nice to see all the wonderful new entries in your Etsy Shop.

((hugs)) Rosie